Our adress


Fishing Port, port area, Box n°1 Fishing Port, locality Hall of Shipowners, Cotonou, Benin Republic

Postal : 01 BP 4983 Cotonou, Benin Republic


Kaloum, Quartier Manquepas, Conakry, Guinea Republic


 Phone : (+229) 95 85 22 96 / 96 24 03 18 / 90 91 34 40

Branch of Guinea Conakry - Phone.: (+224) 661 048 145

Email: infos@maserservicesarl.com

WEBSITE: www.maserservicesarl.com  

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Our services


Ship hull cleaning - In-water surveys/ photographic and videographic inspection - Underwater welding and burning - Underwater salvaging - Laying of subsea cables and pipes - Underwater Hull Coating


Realization new works( piping and structural work or fabrication) - Maintenance of plant shutdowns, repairs - Rehabilitation of facilities - ARC/TIG of carbon steel, stainless steel - Realization and writing of welding data book - Piping and structural construction - Hydraulic pressure testing of pipes - Preparation of a construction final document( welders qualification, WPQR, WPS, NDT report, quality plan, welding follow-up…..) - Writing welding procedures - Writing quality plans - Writing HSE plans - Writing quality manuals - Writing HSE manuals - NDT inspection( PT, MT, UT) - Technical assistance


Training in various fields ( safety, environment, health, security, fire fighting, defensive driving…) - Boat, Cover boat an Pleasure craft - Tug boat Supply - SOLAS Equipments Supply- Dock bollard and fender supply


Recent Activity

-August 2017 : Underwater hull cleaning and footage on MV JPO ATAIR,  Cotonou port

-August 2017 : Photographic inspection, propeller polishing and sea chest cleaning on MV GH BLACK CAVIAR, Cotonou port

-August 2017 : Underwater hull cleaning and footage taken on M/V AMFITRITI, Cotonou port

-June 2017 : Intermediate survey on M/V ANUKET IVORY, Cotonou anchorage

- May 2017 : Training in fire fighting for "Port Autonome de Cotonou", Cotonou-Bénin 
- November 2016: Training in environment for SCB lafarge, Cotonou- Benin
- November 2016: Annual class survey in lieu of drydock,Port tugboat, Cotonou-BENIN
- September 2016: Underwater Hull cleaning on MV /MAERSK INVERNESS, Cotonou Port
- July 2016: Intermediate survey of MV/ SOFIE THERESA, Tema anchorage-GHANA
- July 2016: Underwater Hull Cleaning and footage on MV/ MAERSK PHUKET, Cotonou port- BENIN
- July 2016: Underwater Hull Cleaning and footage on MV/ MAERSK IZMIR , Cotonou port-BENIN
- June 2016: Underwater Hull Cleaning including propeller polishing on MT SKY, Cotonou anchorage
- May 2016: Underwater Hull Cleaning and footage on MV/PANTHER, Cotonou port
- May 2016: Underwater hull cleaning and footage on MV/ NORTHERN DEPENDANT, Cotonou port
- May 2016: Training in safety and firefighting for Autonomy Port of Cotonou, BENIN
- March 2016: CCTV Inspection and Underwater Hull Cleaning on MV/ TN DAWN, Cotonou port
- November 2015: CCTV Hull Inspection on MV/ MAERSK COPENHAGEN, Cotonou port- BENIN
- October 2015: Underwater Hull Cleaning and footage on MV/ NORTHERN DEPENDANT, Cotonou port
- September 2015: Visual and Photographic Inspection of Quay for SOGEA SATOM, Cotonou- Benin
- August 2015: Photograhic Inspection of dregding area for SOGEA SATOM, Cotonou-Benin
- July 2015: Photographic Hull Inspection and Propeller Polishing on MV TROENSE MAERSK, Cotonou

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Our certifications

Certification bureau véritas

Certification ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)

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Message from the Director

We welcome you to our company website. For several years we wanted to provide you a website to help you to know us better not only in Benin, in the sub-region but all over in the world. As we used to say that it is never too late to get it, the opportunity is now available for you to...

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